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    Electrical Pollution

Electrical Pollution

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Where does Electrical Pollution Come From?

If you are like most Americans, you are bombarded with daily exposure to potentially harmful electrical and electromagnetic fields. Electricity, electronics and electromagnetic radiation are an inescapable and largely inseparable part of our lives. According to the World Health Organization…

” Everyone is exposed to a complex mix of weak electric and magnetic fields, both at home and at work, from the generation and transmission of electricity, domestic appliances and industrial equipment, to telecommunications and broadcasting….

“…Low-frequency magnetic fields induce circulating currents within the human body. The strength of these currents depends on the intensity of the outside magnetic field. If sufficiently large, these currents could cause stimulation of nerves and muscles or affect other biological processes.”

Precautionary Measures and Health Advisoriescellsolution_img2

In May 2011, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer announced it was classifying electromagnetic fields from mobile phones and other sources as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” and advised the public to adopt safety measures to reduce exposure, like use of hands-free devices or texting.

Several nations have advised moderate use of mobile phones for children.

Some national radiation advisory authorities, including those of Austria, France,Germany and Sweden,have recommended measures to minimize exposure to their citizens. Examples of the recommendations are:

  • Use hands-free to decrease the radiation to the head.
  • Keep the mobile phone away from the body.
  • Do not use telephone in a car without an external antenna.

In our office, we test this biological effect using manual muscle testing as an outcome indicator of central nerve system function. In other words, we challenge the nerve system with electronic fields and EMF ( like a cell phone, computer or other electronic device) and look for a muscle weakening response. If muscles cannot sustain a contraction in the presence of an electrical field or electromagnetic radiation, it would suggest a neurobiological interference worthy of attention and possibly precautionary intervention.

There are two that I commonly recommend to my patients.

  1. A multi-polar magnet and150
  2. A cell solution radiation protection chip.

Many doctors have found that a credit card-sized multi- polar magnet can enhance the body’s ability to cope with electrical fields and electromagnetic radiation.

“This small multi‐polar magnet can be placed in a shirt pocket, inside a woman’s bra or in a wallet carried on the body. We use very specific magnets that change from north to south on the same side, four to five times per inch, and they’re under 350 gauss no matter where you measure them.”

We recommend people wear this magnet all the time they are working with computers or around other strong electromagnetic environments. Our preference is to wear it all day long, every day. Why? Electromagnetic pollution is everywhere and, according to the World Health Organization, is most likely affecting you. I and many of my patients notice that they have more energy and feel better when they have this very specific magnet next to them. Some have even reported their headaches disappearing.

 According to Dr. John Brimhall, B.A., B.S., DC, FIAMA, DIBAK, “Multi‐Polar Magnets may also be used for pain reduction by placing them over the painful area and leaving it until the pain lessens or leaves. If this doesn’t help or makes it worse, move it to the exact same location on the opposite side of the body. This effect has to do with activating the acupuncture or energy meridians of the body.”

Multiple colleagues have corroborated what I have seen in my practice. Many patients report energy increase and pain relief, and we have seen clinical evidence of support for:

  • Headaches
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Aches and pains
  • Tennis elbow
  • Strained muscle problems
  • Bruises
  • Arthritis
  • Old injuries

Back pain or spinal problems due to the stimulation of nerve receptors in the muscles called spindle cells.

Most people wear the Multi‐Polar Magnet all day. I personally notice a significant difference in energy when wearing the magnet.


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