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80% of all health conditions improve when the nerve and structure of the body is established. Pain and disease are key indicators of nerve and structural interference.

If our tissues, facial movements, or muscles are restricted, it can cause interference with the electrical impulses moving through them.  When the body’s structural integrity is properly established, vital energy can freely flow throughout the body. Interference to structural and nerve integrity can occur through trauma such as an accident or fall, fractures, surgery, or emotional stress.

Allergic reactions often mimic disease and leads to confused immune system response. Removing interferences, correcting nutrition and optimizing digestion can lead to optimal immune response.

Allergic reactions often kill off friendly, protective bacteria in your GI tract. This can lead to infective organisms, leaky gut syndrome, and other damage to the walls of your GI tract. If there is wall damage, food particles may enter the bloodstream which causes the immune system to react to foreign invaders.

Fortunately, we know that our bodies can be reset in order to properly deal with environmental, food products / byproducts, and metabolic byproducts. As interferences to your health are removed, your nutrition corrected, the adrenal glands reset, and digestion optimized, the body will respond in a healthy manner.

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